A downloadable game for Windows

Untarctica is the fastest-paced non-linear platformer we could make. Run like crazy shooting everything you see -- surviving is a mere afterthought.

The instant-kill/instant-respawn mechanics let you muscle-memory your way through several bosses, collecting new powerups and saving imprisoned scientists along the way.
Explore a secret sci-fi lab; Unfold mysteries; Spam bullets while jumping while running while jumping!

What is it about?

Discredited by her superiors, secret agent Tara journeys to Mount Erebus, Antarctica, to stop Mother Nature -- an evil cyborg-plant obsessed with making Antarctica green again -- from melting the ice caps with an ingenuous heat factory of her own design.

What's in our very first demo?

  • 10 to 20 minutes of frantic gameplay
  • Four (quite hard to reach) collectibles
  • An awesome mini-metroidvania game to speedrun!

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Known Issues we'll definitely fix

  • Only XboxONE and Xbox360 controllers work properly
  • Game lacks macOS and Linux support


Untarctica_Demo1.0.0.zip 46 MB


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Good game, the parts with the armored ''ghosts'' are tricky, expecially the one with two of them

Thank you for playing, it GioviGamer! We're trying to set up the community gather point at our Discord Server. https://discord.gg/F3Rn8KE

It would be great if you could meet us there. And perhaps help bringing a couple friends that might like the game as well!

I foresee lots of deaths in the full game. Fun times & many deaths. :) Really polished demo, great work.